"The flavor of wasabi (Japanese horseradish) is delicious!"

Ms. A (in her 30s)

Green Snack Pistachios with Wasabi Taste are so strongly seasoned with wasabi (Japanese horseradish) that you wouldn't think they are confectionery. The wasabi's pungent flavor which clears the sinuses well, matches the chewy beans and delicious taste. Pistachios are subdivided into small packages. So, I can always eat fresh pistachios. This is also good because it prevents me from eating them too much.

"For a tea break, nibbles, and myself"

Mr. B (in his 30s)

It’s suitable to eat during tea break and for pairing with alcoholic drinks. There are various differently flavored items. So, it may be good to choose them depending on your feeling! I like spicy foods. I am pleased that I can choose from different kinds of spiciness including Japanese horseradish taste and red pepper taste.

"Suitable when my family and friends gather!"

Ms. C (in her 40s)

It is suitable to eat together, when a lot of people gather around. The products have good quality. I am relieved because everyone from a child to an adult can eat.

"It’s healthy!"

Ms. D (in her 60s)

Since I heard that you can take nutrients including calcium, potassium, and fiber from beans I make it a rule to actively eat them. They are delicious and good for your health so my family often eats them. I particularly like the rich flavor and sweetness of Matcha (powdered Japanese green tea) Almonds.