Sennarido's commitment to high-quality beans

High-quality and safe ingredients purchased from around the world

As ingredients, Sennarido uses pistachios mainly produced in Iran and the U.S, almonds primarily produced in California, America, and cashew nuts mainly produced in India. We import peanuts from China, Australia, South Africa, and other countries. Large peanuts (Virginia peanuts) are sourced from coastal areas of the Shandong Peninsula in China where they are most delicious, as well as Australia, and other areas. From the peanuts, we strictly select the high-quality beans and use them as ingredients. We carefully check the quality of producers in production areas by regularly visiting them to investigate their quality and offer instruction.

Safety standards

Sennarido conforms to the strictest safety guidelines and conducts tests to ensure that all consumers (including young children and the elderly) can enjoy our products.

Commitment to our products

Eat a "happy" confectionery!

The word “pistachio” is said to be derived from the belief that if your family members eat the nuts together, all of you will become happy. Why don't you give Sennarido's pistachios to your family and friends?

Enjoy choosing! Make your body happy! Selected flavors

Beans and nuts are increasingly appreciated as healthy foods worldwide. For example, pistachios are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc., and have a lot of beneficial effects including prevention of hypertension, recovery from exhaustion, and skin-beautifying effects. In addition, almonds are rich in vitamin E which has antioxidant properties and provides anti-aging effects. It is also said to be good for weight loss. As described above, beans and nuts are good for your mind and body. Flavors unique to Japanese food, such as wasabi (Japanese horseradish) and powdered green tea are used to make Sennarido's bean confectionery even more delicious. You can select flavors such as sharp wasabi or aromatic matcha (powdered Japanese green tea) to match your mood. We are continually shaping our ingredients into various forms and offer them to customers all over the world.

Sennarido's plant

Sennarido's plant is at the foot of Mount Aso's outer rim in Kyushu, which is blessed with famous clean water and beautiful air.

In the plant, selected ingredients are managed in a constant temperature storehouse, and processed with advanced technology that is rooted in tradition. In addition, members called sensory inspectors try food samples of all of the finished products every day, and test for "taste, appearance, and texture". This is so we can always offer delicious products to customers. The finished products are screened by visual inspection and checked by metal detectors, wrapped, and shipped while they are still fresh.